​New CoHE Carries o​ut “New and Innovative” Works in 2019 

December 28, 2019 ​​

Digital Transformation in Higher Education Project Implemented

In 2019, the Digital Transformation Project in Higher Education was launched, and digital transformation training was offered to three thousand faculty members and approximately 36 thousand students in 16 pilot universities.


“Open Access and Open Science" Works Initiated in Academia

CoHE initiated works to establish open academic archive systems at international standards at Turkish universities. With this project, publications at our universities will become more visible in the global system.


“Works on Professions of the Future" Initiated and New Programs Launched

A number of Associate and Bachelor's degree programs such as data engineering, which are essential for the future of Turkey, were included in the system for the first time this year.

The “Professions of the Future, Future of Professions" Workshop took place. In addition to the possible new professions of the future, the issue of how the current professions will be shaped in the future was also discussed. In this context, new programs to be opened next year were brought to the table.


Record Increase in the Number of International Students

As a result of the “target-oriented internationalization" policy of CoHE, the number of international students, which was 48 thousand in 2014, increased considerably in the last four years and reached 178 thousand in 2019.


CoHE's Proposals on Higher Education System and University-Industry Cooperation Included in the 11th Development Plan

The proposals of CoHE to promote the production of high-quality knowledge and the training of the qualified workforce, to increase research activities and to encourage projects such as “CoHE 100/2000 Doctoral Project" and “Mission Differentiation" were included as goals in the 11th Development Plan. In addition, 14 decisions taken at the University-Industry Cooperation Commission, which was established under CoHE, were included in the 11th Development Plan.


Decisions Taken to Encourage Foundation Universities to Do R&D, to Train Faculty Members and to Limit Budget for Advertising and Promotion

In accordance with the “transparency" policy in higher education, CoHE published the “Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2019" booklet -the first booklet was published last year- which includes all academic, administrative and financial data of foundation higher education institutions, and presented it to the stakeholders and the public. Taking notice of the public proposals regarding the data in the report, it was decided not to take into consideration the quota increase demands of foundation universities that do not allocate necessary R&D budget from student incomes and do not train faculty members. The advertising and promotion expenses of foundation higher education institutions were also limited.


Performances of Research Universities Announced to the Public for the First Time

The two-year performance evaluation of research and candidate research universities was shared with the public and these universities were ranked according to their performance scores. In addition, it was decided to allocate 215 new research assistant positions to these universities only in the fields they had the highest performance.


Additional Positions Allocated for Universities Aimed at Regional Development

CoHE encouraged the development of the regions in specialization fields by providing additional positions to be used in specialization fields to 10 universities within the scope of the Specialization and Universities Aimed at Regional Development Project offered by the New CoHE to Turkish higher education.


CoHE 100/2000 Doctoral Project Expanded

The number of scholarship holders in the CoHE 100/2000 Doctoral Project, which was launched to grant doctoral scholarships to 2000 people in 100 thematic fields that are important for the development of our country, has increased to 4250.

“Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Report for Universities for 2018" Announced

CoHE started to prepare a report after monitoring and evaluating universities annually according to 45 indicators in five main fields and shared it with the public this year. With this project, the annual performances of Turkish universities will be shared with the public.


CoHE's Rational Quota Planning Begins to Bear Fruit

The Report on YKS Placement Results for 2015 was published. When compared with the previous years, it was found out that there had been an apparent increase in enrollment rates in undergraduate and Associate degree programs, open and formal education, as well as daytime and evening education after a long time in 2019.


A Report on YKS Placement Statistics by Province and Region Prepared for the First Time

CoHE prepared the “2018-YKS Achievements and Population Mobility Report in Provinces and Regions during Transition to Higher Education" for the first time in the history of higher education in terms of content and scope. The data of the applicants, who applied to YKS 2018 and were placed in universities, was used to create indicators on the dynamics of transition to higher education by province and region.


Success Ranking Level Increased for University Entrance

The condition of “success ranking," which was appreciated and supported by all segments of society, was expanded. The success ranking, which was 190 thousand for law schools, was renewed as 125 thousand. In consideration of the demands of the relevant stakeholders and the public, the minimum success ranking was stipulated as 100 thousand for the Faculties of Pharmacy and 80 thousand for the Faculties of Dentistry.


Arrangements on International Student Quotas

CoHE continued to take the necessary steps to make our country a center of attraction in higher education without compromising on quality. The limitations on quotas for international students at state and foundation universities were abolished. According to the new decision, the limitation of accepting international students up to 50% of the number of quotas for the programs listed in the guide for the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) was removed. The requests of universities for program quotas for international students will be evaluated and determined by the Council of Higher Education.


Minimum Requirements of Programs Focused on Practice Updated According to Quality

The minimum requirements for the admission and education of students in Engineering undergraduate programs and other programs related to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health were updated, and the quality was increased.


Support and Encouragement to Training in Industry to Fulfill the Need for Competent Personnel in Industry

CoHE launched the “Qualified Manpower from Higher Education to Industry Project" to allow university students receiving industrial education to have hands-on training in the industry. It has also been carrying out a series of projects which have brought the vocational school programs needed for the development of our country and the industry together to highlight hands-on training.


Measures Taken Against Predatory Journals

With the proposal of CoHE, the Interuniversity Council decided that articles in predatory journals would not be used for academic promotions.


CoHE Offered New Services through E-Government Gateway

CoHE introduced the Associate Professorship Information System, which allows associate professor candidates to apply for associate professorship through the E-Government Gateway. They could also obtain their Associate Professorship Certificate through the e-Government Gateway.


New Implementations for “Barrier-free Access" and “Barrier-free Education"

An Associate degree program titled “Support Program for the Disabled," a Master's program with/out thesis for Turkish Sign Language Interpretation and doctoral programs for Turkish Sign Language were opened for the first time in the Turkish higher education system. “Sign Language" was included as one of the priority fields in the “CoHE 100/2000 Doctoral Project". Decisions taken for the disabled were translated into sign language and presented to disabled students via the website.


Research Assistants Assigned under 50/d Contract

Given the demands and complaints of the research assistants employed within the scope of Article 50/d, it was decided to temporarily allocate their positions to the university where they are doing graduate studies and to have them transferred to the public university where their permanent position is at.


“CoHE Excellence Awards" Given for the Third Time

CoHE organized the third "CoHE Excellence Awards" event, which was first held in 2017, to encourage the studies, projects, theses and community service activities carried out along with scientific research at universities. The awards were given in two categories: “Individual Awards" and “Institutional Awards."


Website “Study in Turkey" Updated

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) opened the website www.studyinturkey.gov.tr with a new interface to help international students reach comprehensive information about the universities and the higher education system in Turkey. In order to help international students find information about Turkish universities with ease, more than 700 videos were prepared in three languages for the website.


Protocols Aimed at Students and Academics Signed with Ministries

With the protocols signed with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ministry of Youth and Sports, a series of improving and developing decisions aimed at students and academics were taken.