“New CoHE” to Launch New Projects in 2020 

January 05, 2020 ​​

Some of New CoHE's goals for 2020 are as follows:

  • To complete the determination process of five universities that are listed under the title Universities Aimed at Regional Development and their fields of specialization within the scope of the Specialization in Higher Education Project and to increase the number of these universities to 15.

  • To announce the scorecards of Regional Universities determined within the scope of the Higher Education Specialization Project and to publish the updated results as of the end of 2020.

  • To increase the number of international students to 190 thousand as of November 2020 within the scope of the Target-Oriented Internationalization Project.

  • To increase the number of universities within the scope of the Digitalization in Higher Education Project from 16 to 20 and to offer digital transformation courses to students and academic staff at these universities.

  • To raise the standards for recruiting competent international academic staff.

  • To expand the pool of PhD holders and to increase the number of PhD holders in priority fields to 5 thousand under the CoHE 100/2000 Doctoral Project.

  • To realize the CoHE Academic Career Platform.

  • To create a pool of courses related to social sciences at universities and to enable students in science, engineering, and health sciences to take courses from this pool.

  • To initiate CoHE courses that will be given by scientists who stand out in their fields.​

  • To evaluate and renew the educational processes in the Faculties of Education.

  • To take steps to make the required legal arrangements to prevent the dismissal of research assistants who completed their Master's thesis within the scope of Article 50/d throughout six months until they start doing their doctoral studies.

  • To take necessary initiatives for the implementation of legal arrangements of which preparations are completed in the higher education system.​

  • To complete the arrangements that will get rid of confusion over program names in the higher education system.